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Give a Voice to Your Community With Arts4Humanity

Dance is a way of knowing and communicating. All societies have and continue to use dance on both a personal and cultural level to express and meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Dance, as with all arts, is a language in and of itself. We must immerse ourselves in the language to fully understand and appreciate the words of movement in order to benefit from its effects. With time, guidance, and patience, this beautiful form of communication can be learned, and be used to connect us on a deeper level – a way to express ourselves that can even surpass the power of words.

At Give2Dance, we know that passion is transferable. For any student, an instructor holds the key to unlocking the awareness of their own potential, the ability to overcome obstacles, and the access to the bravery necessary to make confident decisions.

If you believe dance can make a difference in your community, please nominate your establishment or apply to be an instructor with our team today. We will contact you with more details. Help us share the passion for dance for all.